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So you have decided to check out Rock Solid Climbing for your first Indoor Climbing Experience. We are so excited for you!
Below are steps to make your visit the best it can be and some information about what to expect. 
Wooden Hut

The first step will be to make sure you have a signed waiver. Children under the age of 18 will need a legal guardian to sign the waiver for them. You can do this step when you arrive but if you want to speed up getting started then we recommend that you fill out the waiver before your visit by clicking the link below!

Our staff are always ready to train our first time guests on how to use the facility safely. No need to schedule a time to receive your training but be aware that your orientation could take between 20 and 30 minutes at the start of your visit.

You will learn how to use the mats and autobelays to stay safe during your visit. You'll also learn how some of the basics about how to use the facility and climbing terminology.

Show Up for Your Orientation
DSC_0388 (1).JPG
Consider Taking the Next Step

We have options to help everyone continue to explore climbing. Below are some options to consider.

Interested in Coming Back?

Consider purchasing a Punch Pass and save money on each visit!

Interested in Learning More?

Learn some climbing technique and terminology using our Introduction to Climbing Class that comes with a 2 week membership for $40!

Have Kids that want more?

Look into our Youth Camp, Club, and Team programs to see what's possible

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