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Meet the Instructors

Alie Buckmire

Ezra Masse-Mahar is a trained acrobat, dancer, and all around movement performer. After obtaining a formal education in Dance at the University of Buffalo in western New York, he performed in professional circus and dance companies which granted him the opportunity to perform all over the world in venues ranging from Olympic stadiums to America's Got Talent Season 12 as a top 10 finalist. His most valued experiences while traveling were collaborating with other artists such as contortionists, break dancers, jugglers, yogis, and stunt men/women. Ezra is excited to bring his fusion of disciplines to the Rock Solid community. 

Becky Belanger

Alie is the owner owner and director Om Yoga Tucson. He has a PhD in Neuroscience, a MS in Physiology & Kinesiology, and specializes in transformation of mind, body and spirit. Alie is excited to bring his intentional and thoughtful style of practice to the community at Rock Solid Climbing and Fitness.

Ezra Masse-Mahar

Becky is a rock climbing, movement teaching, professional dancing mama.  She has an MFA in Dance from the University of Arizona, and is certified in Fletcher Pilates.  Dancing has taken her around the world and back, and she has been teaching in Tucson for over 10 years. When she isn't teaching class you can often find Becky climbing with her family at Rock Solid Climbing. 

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