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Arches Climbing + Fitness

Arches Climbing + Fitness is a new indoor rock climbing gym that is being designed and built in Chandler, Arizona. At 36,000 square feet, Arches climbing will be Arizona's largest indoor climbing facility with 50 foot tall walls for top-rope, lead climbing, auto-belays, plus an Olympic speed wall.  They will also have bouldering, a dedicated kids climbing area, yoga studio, and a fitness training area.

What is a "Sister Gym Partnership"?

All active members of Rock Solid Climbing will get 4 free day passes per month to Arches Climbing.  Arches Climbing members will also get 4 free day passes per month to Rock Solid Climbing. The passes do not include rental gear.

Who will get this perk and are there any added fees?

All climbers with an active membership at Rock Solid Climbing will get this benefit.  This membership perk is completely free!  There will be no additional membership fees or costs.

When do I get to climb at Arches?

Arches Climbing + Fitness is in the planning and building phase.  As soon as Arches Climbing opens their doors Rock Solid Climbing members will be welcome to climb there.

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